No Purchase Necessary

Ways to Earn Tokens with No Purchase Necessary

Weekly Login Bonus

The 7-Day Login Bonus is awarded to members that log in for 7 consecutive days. You must login each calendar day based on Eastern Standard Time or the Login bonus Count will reset.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Refer A Friend!

No Purchase Necessary by the Referrer.

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More fun with friends!

Receive 3 Tokens for each person you refer that gets approved and makes at least $20 of token purchases or more.

*Approval of person referred (referee) is not guaranteed. Referee must meet eligibility requirements.

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Special Giveaways

Follow our Social Media to take advantage of our Special Giveaways. We give out free tokens on occasion for different reasons. Many of these Special Giveaways will not require a Purchase.

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Other Ways to Earn Tokens

(May Require Purchase)

Token Tracker

The Token Tracker tracks the amount of tokens you purchase. When your purchase fills the Token Tracker, you will be rewarded tokens.

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Operation: Token Shield

Submit a Report Form where you get rewarded for sharing gamerooms and sweepstakes businesses that scam people. See Operation: Token Shield Terms & Conditions for full details.

Operation Token Shield