Operation: Token Shield Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Operation: Token Shield, an initiative by Evarc LLC through LunarLuxeLounge.com. This program is designed to allow our members to report fraudulent activities in the sweepstakes and skill gamerooms industry, aiming to create a safer gaming environment. By accessing the reports page or by participating in the program, you agree to these Operation: Token Shield Terms & Conditions.

1. Eligibility

Participation in reporting is exclusive to registered members of LunarLuxeLounge.com.

Access to view the reported data will be on our public page.

2. Clarification of Word Use

Whenever our advertising, platform communications, or any related materials mention tokens being "rewarded," "awarded," or use any similar terminology in connection with Operation: Token Shield, this refers solely to the coupon policy. Under this policy, tokens are granted only upon a qualifying purchase following a report deemed credible by our review process.

3. Reporting Procedure

Members must submit a detailed report of the fraudulent activity using our Report Form, including credible evidence.

Each report will be reviewed within three days to assess its credibility.

If a report is deemed credible, the member will be notified and rewarded in accordance with our coupon policy outlined below.

4. Qualifying Purchase

To qualify, the purchase while using the coupon awarded must match the monetary amount the member claims to have been scammed out of, subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

For instance, if the member claims to have been scammed out of $100 and Lunar Luxe Lounge approves their submission, a coupon for $100 off $200 in tokens will be awarded. Then that member must make a $100 purchase with that coupon worth $100. The whole order would be for $200 worth of tokens, but the member would only pay the $100 with the coupon. This is how we award the matching (equitable) amount of tokens that the member was scammed out of.

5. Coupon Policy

Members will receive a coupon following the approval of their scam report, which must be used while making the Qualifying Purchase.

The coupon value corresponds to the amount reported as scammed, allowing for the purchase of tokens at a discounted rate. For instance, if a member reports a scam of $100, they will receive a coupon for purchasing 200 tokens at the price of $100, adhering to the stipulated maximum limit of $300.

All Coupons deriving from Operation: Token Shield are single-use, non-transferable, and cannot be combined with other offers. They expire one month from issuance. Maximum amount awarded for coupon is Three Hundred Dollars ($300).

6. Data Publication and Liability

Submitted reports, upon verification, will be made publicly available to inform the community.

· Evarc LLC does not verify the intrinsic truth of each report but relies on the evidence provided by members.

The responsibility for the accuracy of submitted information lies solely with the individual submitting the report.

The member who completes the report will remain anonymous, unless required by law or in extreme circumstances. There is no initial intention to give out the name of the member submitting the report.

If you have any issues with the information listed on the reported data page, it is expected that you leave the site immediately and contact us at support@lunarluxelounge.com.

Evarc LLC is NOT liable for any inaccuracies in the reports or the consequences of publishing such data.

7. Dispute Resolution

Businesses or individuals subject to a report may contest the information by providing counter-evidence. For these types of inquiries, please contact support@lunarluxelounge.com.

Evarc LLC reserves the right to review such evidence and, if deemed sufficient, amend, or remove the contested information.

8. Limitation of Liability

Evarc LLC shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of Operation: Token Shield, including but not limited to reliance on the accuracy of published data.

9. Amendments to Operation: Token Shield Terms & Conditions

These Operation: Token Shield Terms & Conditions may be updated at any time. Continued use of the platform after such changes constitutes agreement to the new terms.

10. Governing Law

This information is available in our platform’s Terms & Conditions.

11. Contact Us

For inquiries or concerns regarding these Operation: Token Shield Terms & Conditions, please reach out to us at support@lunarluxelounge.com.