Operation: Token Shield

Lunar Luxe Lounge

Operation: Token Shield

Help us warn others about the Evil Scamorians.

Scamorians are evil aliens that scam you. They often disguise themselves as real sweepstakes and gamerooms, but end up taking your money and valuable resources.

Wanted: Scamorians

Wanted Scamorians

You will be awarded tokens for sharing plausible information.*

How does this work?

  1. Submit our Report Form.
  2. We'll review your report within 3 days.
  3. If your report is credible, we'll reward you.
  4. You'll get an email with a coupon and usage instructions if it is credible.
  5. Purchase the amount you were scammed for, and we'll match it in tokens using the coupon. Tokens will be credited after a successful purchase.
Wanted Scamorians

Operation: Token Shield

We want to assist with scams by providing our crew and other members of friendly planets a safe place to play skill games and sweepstakes. We will use this data to provide charts and infographics on reported information through our form. Please help us make this industry a better place to play and have fun. Make sure you see our Operation: Token Shield Terms and Conditions for the full details.